Special Mixers:

Beyond our basic range of mixers, Sardik also has the capability to manufacture much more complex
mixers, that do more than simply mix. These mixers are built in Sardik’s Manufacturing Facility.

Contra-rotating Mixers

These mixers are typical used in small tanks for mixing very viscous fluids, such as grease. They incorporate
multiple drives for improved stiring ability. Often they are designed with scrapers along the wall of the tank to
ensure no product remains without agitation.



Hydraulic Boom Mixer:


The hydraulic boom mixer utilises the same design theory that underpins all of Sardik’s mixers. The
Hydraulic Boom Mixer Incorporates a Top Entry Mixer with a Hydraulic Boom Assembly to allow for the
impeller assembly to be raised and lowered as needed. This mixer is used for mixing product in Drums
(such as standard 44 gallon sized drums and other sizes). Boom Mixers are computer controlled and can
be programmed to achieve different levels of agitation. Specially designed to suit specific drum sizes,
these usually cannot be used to mix in vessels other than what they are designed for.